The painful truth behind food deliveries

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Demand food brands deliver better!

We’ve lined up food delivery brands that claim to care about animal welfare, but continue to use chickens bred to suffer.

Join us to call on these food brands to deliver better for chickens!

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The story so far...

Around the world, more than 500 businesses have already committed to improving the living and slaughter standards chickens face on the farms in their supply chain.

Whilst some companies in Aotearoa have committed to these standards,
most companies are lagging behind global progress.

The chicken industry is deceiving New Zealanders everywhere, hiding the suffering happening each day on home-turf.


The painful truth

Shockingly, the vast majority of the chickens raised for meat in Aotearoa come from industrial farms that use chickens selectively bred to grow unnaturally fast, reaching a size larger than a natural adult chicken in just six weeks.

Because of their abnormally fast-growth, these birds face many avoidable health problems such as heart disease and lameness.

Due to the unnatural breeding and terrible living conditions, every year around 2,000,000 birds die before they reach slaughter at six weeks  - either on the shed floor, or removed and killed by a worker. This is according to the industry's own figures.

They are packed into sheds so tightly that, at the end of their life, they are left with roughly the size of an A4 page to exist in. The litter is never changed in their short lives, forcing them to live in their own excrement - ammonia fills the air and with legs that struggle to hold their weight, they often suffer from burns to their skin from the excrement left on the ground.

We stand with you to fight for better.


23/11/22, 19:15

STop the cruelty!!!


22/11/22, 18:57

Why don't you care about the awful lives you are giving to chickens?


19/11/22, 20:54

Stop being so greedy


13/11/22, 07:43

Exigeons que les marques alimentaires offrent mieux!
Des marques de livraison de nourriture qui prétendent se soucier du bien-être animal, mais continuent d’utiliser des poulets élevés pour souffrir.


02/11/22, 05:59

Your company and all other companies claiming that you care about animal welfare and then continuing to use these unnaturally bred and raised chickens are responsible for the unnecessary deaths (prior to slaughter age of six weeks old) of 2,000,000 that's TWO MILLION sentient beings. SHAME ON YOU!! You say you care about animal welfare - prove it and do the right thing.


02/11/22, 03:12

I expect better of food companies in New Zealand. As an animal-loving country, there is no reason New Zealand should lag behind Europe and North America. Do better.


23/11/22, 19:14

Why don't you care about animal welfare and instead are using chooks bred to suffer? Making big profits should come after the best animal welfare is in place.


22/11/22, 07:09

There is no place in New Zealand for animal cruelty, especially not for the sake of a meal.


17/11/22, 06:27

It is with in your power to raise your animal welfare practices to standards that are at least ethical
Show compassion for these sentient souls.


11/11/22, 19:13

Animal suffering at the hands of humans MUST STOP NOW. I for one will not buy from or support companies that are not actively involved in raising healthy happy animals for food supply.


02/11/22, 05:03

Stop using chickens bred to suffer. Deliver better for your customers.


28/10/22, 01:31

Deliver better for chickens and for your customers!!!

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The Ranking Report

Animals Aotearoa has contacted food delivery and meal kit companies and produced a ranking report based on the action each company has taken on the welfare of the chickens in their supply chain.

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